Henriette Pedersen

Is the QUEEN getting bigger / 2002 / 5'

G.U.N, Galleri Uten Navn
Oslo, Norway


Is the QUEEN getting bigger

Through Henriette Pedersen's (NO) "Is the Queen is Getting Bigger" we are drawn into an awkward but intense situation, inspired by Almodovar's Kika.


Galleri Uten Navn

Galleri Uten Navn, or Gallery Untitled in English, was started in 1994. The gallery was to be an alternative space where artists easily and with relatively short notice could show and develop new projects and present their ideas about art in a non-commercial way.

Through our Art of Hospitality exchange-project G.U.N. has hosted a number of different artists from around the world. The project was started in 2000 when we saw the advantage of having our own living unit for visiting artists. We thought other artist-run spaces probably had the same needs so we started to export bunkbeds. In exchange we ask for a return exhibition or project at our space in Oslo.
The bunkbed is a symbol of cooperation and new opportunities.
Artists are welcome to send in project and exhibition proposals with the possibility to stay in our space as G.U.N.'s own Artist in Residence.

Markveien 58
0550 Oslo Norway



G.U.N. no longer exists as a gallery and artist in residence project.
The G.U.N. Ladies, an artist group, continues to function as a separate entity.

The Art of Hospitatlity is now run by Tou Scene in Stavanger, Norway. The project is under the direction of Anne Marte Eidseth-Rygh. Tou Scene continues to expand the artist network initiated by G.U.N. and to maintain a residence for artists.