home: Berlin
Frederikshavn, Denmark
year of birth:


education and grants

2005 NIFCA, Research Residency, Suomenlinna, Helsinki
2004 Cand.mag in art history (major) and film theory from the University of Copenhagen
2000 Institut für Kunst im Kontext, Universität der Künste, Berlin
2001 Erasmus Exchange at the department of art history of the Humboldt University, Berlin

curated exhibitions

2006 WORLDSAVIOURS (Blåfield, Croy, Kasitonni, Maljkovic), ART 2102, Los Angeles
2005 SUSPEND DISBELIEF (Agergaard/Schäfer, Blåfield, Kasitonni, Pask), Sparwasser HQ, Berlin
2005 Imaginary is Potential (M. Jager, D. Ligorio, D. Maljkovic, J. Perlin, C. Schnitt, A. von Wulffen and others), Screening presented at MUU (in coll. w. NIFCA), Helsinki, Nikolaj, Centre of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen, W139, Amsterdam, and Halle für Kunst, Lüneburg
2004 l'attitude des autres (M. Burbidge, O. Croy, R. and T. Danke, T. Greenfort, S. Hultén), smp, Marseilles, France
2004 COUNTER-COMMUNITIES, Overgaden, Institute of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen
An evening about alternative architecture in the USA. Lecture by Helmut Weihsmann
2004 The built, the unbuilt, and the unbuildable, (O. Croy, I. Melsheimer, P. Rönicke and A. Schäfer), Overgaden, Institute of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen (catalogue)
2004 Imaginary is Potential, (Ligorio, Melchi, Feser and others), Sparwasser HQ, Berlin
A video- and film-screening of Berlin and LA-based artists
2002 Grünfläche Betreten Verboten, (L. Harlev, A. Kisling, G. Klingberg, P. Rönicke and P. Trenkel), Galerie Kamm, Berlin
2002 Doppel 7, Gabriele Albergaria and Morten Schelde, Galerie Kamm, Berlin
2001 Dream operator, (L. Bruce, S. Martinsen, P. Rönicke and others), (in collaboration w. Solvej Ovesen and Lise Nellemann) Sparwasser Hq, Berlin
A video- and film program including exhibitions, night window screenings and evening events at z-bar Kino.
2001 Kopenhagen Brands, (AVPD, Luxus and Rasmus Knud), Sparwasser Hq, Berlin
2000 Kirsten Pieroth und Kirstine Roepstorff, (in collaboration w. Solvej Ovesen), Sparwasser Hq, Berlin
2000 Åbent Hus (Housewarming), (K. Bonnén, S. Lose, M. Lynnerup, C. Nørgaard, C. Zunino and others), (in collaboration w. Solvej Ovesen og Mette Jeppesen), Hellerup, Denmark (catalogue)
1999 ­ 2000 OMSTILLING, Norrköpings Konstmuseum, Sweden
exhibition w. ca. 20 Nordic artists about flexibility and adaptation, showed in Copenhagen, Helsinki and Sweden

other experience

2005- assistant at Gallery Esther Schipper, Berlin
2005- teaching at the Danish Art Academy,
2005- regular contributor to Øjeblik!, ArtAsiaPacific and Flash Art International
2005- Co-founder of the exhibitionspace croy nielsen, Berlin
2001 ­ 2004 assistant at Galerie Kamm, Berlin
2000 ­ 2001 curator at Sparwasser Hq, Berlin
2000 Internship at DCA (Danish Contemporary Art Centre), Copenhagen
1998 ­ 2001 Public tours at Statens Museum for Kunst (The Nationalgallery), Copenhagen
1999 assistant at Vestsjællands Kunstmuseum in Sorø, Denmark
1998 assistant at kunstforeningen Gl. Strand, Copenhagen


publications (selection)

"Constructed Decay ­ an interview with Simon Dybbroe Møller", Umelec, Internationales Magazin für Zeitgenössiche Kunst und Kultur, September 2005
"27 Minutes with Kirsten Pieroth" (together w. Mika Hannula), NeueReview, Berlin, Juli-August 2005
"A Bird's Eye View of Dematerialised Space", Work Art in Progress, quarterly magazine of the Galleria Civica di Arte Contemporanea di Trento, Italien, 2005
"The Raven is Dead ­ introducing the work by Gitte Schäfer", Kirkhoff Contemporary, 2005
"Forslagets Magt ­ Simon Starling og Nils Norman", Monument, project in public space, Copenhagen, 2004
"Unreality Restored", the built, the unbuilt, and the unbuildable, Overgaden, Institute of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen, 2004
"Reflections on Models and Utopian Praxis", Berlin North, Hamburger Bahnhof, 2004
"Space Fictions; Pia Rönicke", Site-Seeing, Künstlerhaus Wien, 2003
"Gabriele Albergaria"Imago 2002, Centro de Arte de Salamanca, Spain
"Rebuilding the mechanisms of feelings or how to give shape to a tempest; Gabriele Albergaria", Wachsen, KünstlerGärten Weimar, no. 6, spring 2002
"Udstilling", Åbent Hus, Hellerup, 2000
Net-stafet, Omstilling,, 2000