Jeremy Hiah

Paradise Terrorize

This is a series of photographs based on the idea of terrorize in paradise. This project was conceptualized when the Iraq War happened and on the effect that follows by the fear from the campaign War on Terror that had impact the world. We had been influenced by the super power countries to change our way of life and constantly living in fear of our life.

I had directed this photo and the intention is to look at a different side and angle of the terrorists and world governments, not assuming the black and white but the grey side of the picture. The media had manipulated our way of thinking. The world might see them as terrorists but their own country people might see them as freedom fighters. The world might see the super power governments as Liberator but some see it as an occupation or the new way of colonization. These two groups achieve their same goal that is to build a paradise world in their mind with violence. As the saying goes, if you do not have war you do not know the meaning of peace.

I use this dual meaning in by work to show the idea of good and bad and leaving a lot of room for questioning the in-between. Hopefully we understand what their targets and goals and to conquer our fear and to see a clearer picture of the world we live in.



Jeremy Hiah – BiographySingapore artist born in 1972. I have been involved in the arts since 1993. RMIT degree study in LaSalle-SIA College of the Arts 2001, I started doing paintings, installation and sculpture; my works are always based on the social system, where, how one lives in a society?

After my studies in 1995 I had been practicing as an artist and had explored to different art media such as installation, performance and collaboration with different artists in different fields. I have since travel outside Singapore to do art and have been to countries Germany, Italy, Austria for UNSECO Artists In Residency Vienna, Hong Kong Art Center, Vietnam Contemporary Art Center Indonesia Australia, South Korea Thailand and China for exhibition festival and artists in residency. Workshop with famous artist Ilya Kabakov on Total Installation in Como ltaly.

An active organizer and member of The Artists Village and Sculpture Society Singapore. Former 2001 Vice President of The Artist Village and currently 2005 Vice President of Sculpture Society and doing art workshop in Secondary, Junior College and Polytechnic schools. Establish Your MOTHER gallery 2004 Singapore as artistic director.