David Wilkinson

"he did'nt know how long he sat there, but he suddenly realized that it was dark. He also realized that he was lost"



Fact From Fiction

Fact: I live from sausages in Budapest.

Fiction: The fact that I live from sausages in Budapest is a fiction.

Fact: Sausages are not art!

Fiction: I live from sausages in Budapest.

Fact: Sausages were invented soon after or about the same time as man discovered fire.

Fiction: Sausages are not art!

Fact: Natural casings are best.

Fiction: Man invented sausage before he invented fire, as the curing process of some sausages does not require cooking.

Fiction: Sausages are not and can never be funny in any situation.

Fact: Sausages are funny.

Fiction: Laughter is like the ape shrieking his pleasure at us.

Fact: I once had an idea to place a sausage in a banana skin, I never made this work.

Fiction. Sausages and bananas are the same shape.

Fact: Sausages are the number one selling product in supermarkets through out the world.

The sausage man;
Budapest March 2007


Born in 1963 in Doncaster, Yorkshire, England.
Lives and works in Budapest.

Solo Exhibitions
2004 - Shot Buildings, Dorottya Galleria, Budapest, Hungary
2002 - Kmkk, Budapest, Hungary
1998 - Ontologically Yours, Collective Gallery, Edinburgh

Group Exhibitions
2006 - Drive Thru Three Colts gallery london
- 25 years of the Belfast MA OMA Gallery Belfast. (new commission)
- Ha, an exhibition at Apartment Manchester with Beata Veszely. Plus a talk at the Cornerhouse.
2004 - My Blood is Electric, new video, Spitz Gallery, London
2003 - Animality, Blue Oyster Gallery, New Zealand

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Tel: 00 36 30 8557165