The works in the exhibition:

Gavin Wade presents "Life Cycle" a life cycle of the artist as a transforming and transformative being, compelled by economic, aesthetic and social forces to switch modes of production and engagement. In Wade's own lifecycle he is currently an artist-curator. Accompanying a life cycle graphic Wade sings a version of his ongoing "Transformation Song" that tells of great warriors who fall and rise again. The song grew out of the publications "32. What is harmonic?" 2003 (with Bill Drummond, Duncan McLaren and Simon Woods) at the Sharjah Biennial and "The Interruptors" (a Novel to be published 2005). Wade's falsetto voice rings out "Respond to the call, you will rise and fall again, risk it all, you will rise and fall again,.."



Gavin Wade is an Artist-Curator based in Birmingham and ACE Research Fellow in Curating at the University of Central England. He recently completed a residency at Kunstlerhaus Bethanian in Berlin as part of Strategic Questions, 2002-2007, an ongoing series of 40 questions/projects in 40 publications; and a residency at Essex University as part of Support Structure Phase 4 (in collaboration with architect Celine Condorelli) Support Structure Phase 1-6 is an RSA Art for Architecture project. He is the editor of Curating In The 21st Century, The New Art Gallery Walsall (2000); In The Midst Of Things (with Nigel Prince), Bournville, August Media (2000); STRIKE (adjusted by Liam Gillick) Wolverhampton Art Gallery, Alberta Press London (2002); and Nathan Coley: Black Tent, Portsmouth Cathedral, Art & Sacred Places (2003). Previous Curated projects have included Nathan Coley & Bas Jan Ader, Vilma Gold, London, (2001); 3in1, Nylon, London, (2001); Let's Get To Work, (2000-01) San Francisco, Harrisburg & Philadelphia; Hello..clk..bzz..whrr..Nice To Meet You, (1999) (with Kathrin Böhm) Nuremberg; Kling Klang, (1998) HMS Plymouth, Birkenhead; and Low Maintenance & High Precision, (1997) Hales & 172 Deptford High Street, London.