Detroit Tree of Heaven Woodshop @ subvision. kunst. festival. off.
26th august – 6th september 2009

Detroit Tree of Heaven Woodshop was part of Sparwasser HQs participation in the subvision. kunst. festival. off.


Detroit Tree of Heaven Woodshop is a project initiated 2005 by artists Ingo Vetter, Annette Weisser and Mitchell Cope. DToHW has been featured in exhibitions like Shrinking Cities which dealt with the decline of industrial cities in a changing economy. DToHW uses the fast growing, omnipresent Tree of Heaven (dt. Goetterbaum) as a resource to produce sculptures and furniture. This species is exceptionally resistant to polluted soils and thus a common settler of postindustrial landscapes like the one here in the harbor. The installation consists of a trunk of a tree cut up in slices, a bench produced out of the heavenly wood, and a 'tree spotting video' documenting potential harvesting sites in Detroit.