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Karin Laansoo (Tallinn, Estonia)______project: Exploitation On Demand

March 4th: Wedding //// 7pm
"The Authorship Commissions" by Nathalie Levi

The Authorship Commissions are a series of commissioned works from various artists, art students and non-artists.
The work can be in any medium, any scale, and any number. They can take as much or as little time as the commissioned person desires.
There will be a negotiable fee ranging from 2c to €10.
I shall contact various people to ask if they would be interested in carrying out a commissioned work for which they will be paid.
Upon agreeing to the commission a process of negotiation will begin in regards to the fee. Once the piece is completed I or the maker will suggest a price and the conversation will be recorded on a Dictaphone.
When a price has been agreed the commissioned person must sign a contract declaring the fee in order to receive the payment.
This contract has three clauses. The first is that the commissioned person is signing over the rights of ownership to the commissioner. The second is that the commissioned person is signing over the copyrights and the third is the relinquishment of authorship to the buyer.
This will render the commissioner not only as the owner of the work but also as the maker.
I then propose to exhibit the authorship commissions in a show called All My Own Work. Each commission will be exhibited alongside the relevant contract and the transcription of the negotiation process.

©Nathalie Levi, London //// UK

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