//// public sphere and rhetoric // residency programme

Karin Laansoo (Tallinn, Estonia)______project: Exploitation On Demand

March 8th: Prenzlauer Berg //// 3:30pm
"Losing is Winning" by Kadri Klementi



1. Borrow a cart. It should be a lightweight open cart or trailer that is comfortable to pull/ push by hand, e.g. a goods trolley (a flat-bed warehouse trolley) or a garden cart.
2. Choose a route in the city (work-home, home-school, supermarket-friend’s place, etc). The route should not be less than one kilometer.
3. At your starting point, climb into the cart.
4. Promise not to leave the cart until you have reached your destination.
5. Ask people in the street to pull you towards your destination for as long as they can /want to / are headed that way. Tell them that it is for an art project, to win a bet, to raise green energy awareness or anything else that seems to work.
6. While enjoying the free ride, ponder over / engage the puller in a conversation about who’s actually gaining from this deal in a (Western) world where there is an abundance of available biological energy and the privilege is not consuming it but spending it (compare: affording a meal versus affording a fitness club membership; the skyrocketing number of jobs that require no physical effort due to information technology and the internet versus physical activity, once inevitable in competing for nutrition, becoming ever more elitist and commercialized).
7. (Optional) calculate the amount of energy spent by the pullers and the amount of energy spending sacrificed by staying in the cart.
8. (Optional) to tilt the trade balance, actually make the bet concerning your success at reaching your destination mentioned in point 5

© Kadri Klementi /// Tallinn, Estonia

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